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Convini - always open for a break

Food at work should be easy. DING has been working with Convini for more than 5 years, together we have developed Convinis successful mobile apps for iOS and Android. We have also developed the terminals which provide purchasing options.

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Most people suffer from mental health problems at some time in their lives. Whether you’re undergoing a period of stress, depression or anxiety that isn’t going away by itself, seeking help from a professional can be an effective way of getting back on track and can prevent things from getting any worse.

We started Mindler with the vision that everyone should have the chance to see a psychologist on equal terms, regardless of where you live or what your circumstances are.

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Odd Molly - beautiful shopping

Odd Molly wanted to create a faster and more fun shopping experience for their mobile users. They also wanted a more effective way to communicate through this channel.

DING developed Odd Molly's mobile applications for iOS and Android. The application is constantly evolving and updated monthly to ensure the best possible shopping experience for the user. With the help of push notices, Odd Molly can send out offers through the application to his club members.

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Telia - smarter everyday

DING manages the development and support of the very popular Telia blogs "Better Business" and "Smarter Everyday". The blogs use the WordPress platform.

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Sweetspot - ett slag för golfen

Sweetspot wants golfers and golf courses to be able to enjoy more of the sport and think less about administration.
Sweetspot 360 consists of time booking with dynamic pricing and everything a golf club needs for communication with its players.

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Strategy Design Technology

We help large companies work as startups and startups build products and structures to scale their business.

DING offers consultation and development in three service areas; Strategy, Design and Technology. All three are important building blocks for building good digital products.

With a focus on real insights and an agile development process, we can test and develop products
that meet the needs of your company and your customers.

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Machine Learning

How do you design an intelligent system that is aware of its surroundings and takes measures that maximise their chances of success?

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Augmented Reality

We have worked with Augmented Reality since 2009.

Let our vast experience help you succeed with your AR application.

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Mobile and web applications are usually the interface between your business and the customer.

We build applications that can scale and convert.

We develop your apps